Elizabeth - Florida Video



After we had about 1 hour and 30 minutes of sleep the night before, Jacque drove us to the airport.  After checking our bags and going through security, we had a 4 hour and 30 minute flight to Los Angeles.

Once we arrived in L.A., we found the gate for our flight to Honolulu!  We had lunch and wrapped up some loose ends at work during our 5 hour layover.

After completing a few emails, we anxiously awaited our flight!


Finally, after a 6 hour flight, we saw Diamond Head on O'ahu, Hawaii!

Ethan surprised Justina with a Lei Greeting...

Went to our hotel and checked in to our room in the rainbow tower at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Tuesday morning, we looked forward to a relaxing day in Hawaii.  We got up early and went to the Health Department and got our marriage license!

Then we decided to go do an inspection of the waterfall for our wedding... and found a nice mud trail to welcome us!

After a 30 minute hike, we finally found the waterfall.  While it was beautiful, it was not conducive to a wedding with a bride wearing an $800 dress with a train.

It was unanimous, we were not getting married here!

So, we decided to go to Waimea Falls... on the opposite side of the island to try to get them to let us use their facilities.  

We scrambled and drove to the other side of the island stopping only to get lunch... one delicious coconut.

Tinker and Hazel were very helpful and put together a very last minute wedding. 

Then we said our vows and got married!